Day in the 90's

This is a found poem I wrote for my English class. If you grew up in the 90's, I hope this gives you a moment to reminisce.
You're welcome to write your own found poem of your childhood memories and add it here. :)

Waking up under the sea with Ariel
Where the seaweed was always greener
Dressing up with Polly Pocket and Barbie and friends
And make believing Barney from my imagination
Hopping on the Magic School Bus
And taking it to School House Rock
Where I can doodle with Mr. Sketch’s Scented Markers
And Recess is always more fun with TJ and the gang
And Bill Nye the science guy
Will have me mesmerized
Evading the Hacker in Cyber Chase
Between the Lions
And through Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood
While pondering
Who let the dogs out?
Telling Dragon Tales
And collecting Beanie Babies
That just might be worth a lot of money some day
Molding Play-Doh
And then FLOAM
Settling into the Big Comfy Couch
With the Box Car Children
And the Adventurous Four
And HEY! I had a wonderful kind of day
When Arthur and Franklin came over to play
With me and you and Zoboomafoo
And Doug and Pepper Ann
She’s that one in a million
Little Bear broke the gravy boat
Kim kissed Ron and saved the world again
Man, Shania Twain felt like a woman a lot
I loved being an American Girl with a Loving Family
Doll House
Another Disney VHS before bed
Don’t Wake Daddy!
Good Night Moon
Child of the late 90s

The End

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