Day After DayMature

There’s a neon sign somewhere on the high street
for fun, for pleasure, for fucking, for anything
Do they tailor for Love? I guess not
It reminded me of you and your perfect eyes
I ain’t here to play games no more

Somewhere another guy has found his life perfect
I wish I could be him just to rub it in your face
as you have done to me, no matter how innocently
It still brings me down as your rise up
I ain’t half the man I thought I was

In the back streets, women are advertised for so much more
than you could ever give me, yeah it’s true
I could never indulge or I’ll be just the same
The same as you, as glorified as the peasants
You screw day after day

I hope you have the courtesy to smile
before you fuck my life up some more
Maybe I’ll sleep through this
wake me up when you don’t need me

The End

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