Dawn to Dusk

Another poem from my wattpad collection. Hope you all enjoy!

So that such fury leads to flight,

And darkness fled and turned to light.

Scour the world and seize the day,

As all the clouds just drift away.

The mask of redemption, the mask of delight,

Stands in his path, blocking his sight.

Commanding delayed, sending astray,

Hoping it does stay away, he prays.


Sand slips by subtly through the air,

He wonders how all of the insects will fare.

Clarity virulent, away into darkness,

Sweeping obscurity adding to blindness.

From mountains to valleys, falling to dusk,

Beautiful sunset whose length was so brusque.

All so brief, paving for grief,

Frightened as all and trapped in disbelief.


Inside the bureau, witness the greed,

And into the catacombs, witness it bleed.

Unable to grasp what it has called a “dream,”

It sulks all its days, yet to redeem.

Material possessions, all it shall need,

Forgets all commands and refuses to heed.

Days end too soon, he mumbles a tune

For future’s sake, for hope and fortune.

The End

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