My Dear, Loving Father

Sometimes fate just has to step in,

People have to go,

It hurts beneath the skin,

But people will always come to grow,

In what they know,

And what they don’t.


One friend I know very dear,

He walks with me always,

Talks with me every day,

He is one of my fears,

From the first moment I took a breath,

He knew my name and the day of my final end.


He is the wonderful counselor,

The mighty God,

My dear loving Father,

He is my strength and my song,

King of Kings,

And Lord of Lords,

But overall,

But to me, He is my dear loving Father.


I’ve come to find that faces pass me by,

I only know them a second in my life,

They are like the clouds from the sky,


Rearranging in life.


He is,

He is,

My Heavenly Father.

The End

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