The Fall and the Catch

God, this relationship,

It's falling apart,

I don't feel as close as I was before,



I love you,

I love you,


In my own special way,

I love you.


Seems my days get busier by the minute,

And I don't have time enough,

To put you in it,

I'm falling apart,

Without you in my heart.


But you're there,

Inside of me,

I can't feel you this minute,

It's frusterating to me,

God, can you see?


I have to run to you,

Run to you,

Run to you,

Your arms are open wide,

Run to you,

God, why is this so hard?

Run to you,

I'm falling...


Then you catch me with your hands,

You caught me.


I thought you'd drop me,

Leave me stranded there,

That's what I deserved.


You brush off dirt and sin,

And I realised,

That You love ME,


A sinner,

A Theif,

A lair,

And so much more,

Of this dirt that covers the earth.


I love you,

I love you,

I love you,

I love you.


The End

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