My Sin

I’m sorry,

I’m really sorry I did this to you,

Your heart is broken,

Don’t hide it,

I see it through and though,

It’s in your intriguing eyes,

In your gentle face,

I see the hurt,

I see the pain.


I’m so sorry,

I did this to you,

How could you forgive me?

I broke your heart in two,

How could you love this awful ugly sinner,

My dirty hands,

And my filthy face,

In return don’t give me your embrace.


I see you every day,

It just adds guilt to my own pain,

The way I treated you,

Took all you had,

And yet I never gave back,

It hurts me to see the pain you hide,

On the inside,

So please,

Just talk to me.


I am a sinner,

Filthy of my sin,

I am a liar,

Too tired to keep it in,

God please help let this go,

Help me to take hold,

Of this rescue rope,


I’m sorry what I did to you,

I see the pain,

Just say sorry,

Please forgive,

Let my sin go.

The End

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