Like a Bird

It’s a small world,

Out there,

Some people they don’t even care,

I get lost sometimes,

In these world affairs,

But I try not to,

Get caught up,

In this drama too much,

For this life flashes by.


I want to please you,

In everything I say and do,

You help me to try.

Your love overflows,

Like the rivers,

And life’s roads,

So I’ll worship you,

In everything I say and do.


Life just passes by,

Sometimes I wish I were a bird,

So I could fly,

Away from the drama and the hate,

Away, away, away,

Up in the sky,

I will fly,

‘Til I’ll reach Heaven’s gates.

So when I finish,

Here on Earth,

I will fly away,

To a place,

My eternal home,

To Heaven’s gates.

The End

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