Your Grace Changes Everything

Why don’t you see me?

Why can’t you hear me?

Why is it not possible to hear my pleading cry?

I am crying,

Down on my knees,

Lifting my hands to you.


Circle me in your unfailing love,

Take me into your arms of grace,

Wipe my tears away,

Blanket me with your healing grace.

For you are my rock,

My salvation,

I will go to you when my hands are filthy with sin,

But your grace,

Oh your grace changes everything.


I am broken,


And heart torn,

Is this really the ending for me?

Beat up,

Left here,

On your mountain,

You have better plans than this.

Tears drip from my eyes,

Those lonely tears that take away,

From this lonely life I live,

Doesn’t love not leave astray?

The End

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