David Bowie

I have a confession: I am irrationally star-struck.

I would marry David Bowie

If he asked me today.

And if my parents disapproved,

Then we would run away.

Well sure, I've never met him

And he doesn't know my name,

But I've read his Wikipedia Page,

So it's pretty much the same.

I love his smile, his crooked teeth.

I love his boyish ways.

The way his english accent sounds

Sets my heart ablaze.

I would be at every concert.

I'd be the better half.

He would be my inspiration.

He would make me laugh.

I know that he's already married.

I know he has a son.

The odds seem stacked against us.

(I really am too young.)

But if he, a man I do not know,

A man I've never seen or met

Asked me now to marry him,

I would certainly say yes.

(Because that is the kind of silly girl I am!)

The End

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