watching my grey reflection in the glass,

through the endless stream of cars and consciousness 

you pulled me out of the pool of vacant thoughts,

with an introduction of your name.



Your name, two syllables.

You say it means beloved,

and you want to be-loved

by me.

You held my hand the whole bus ride home,

left your number in my phone,

dialed each key as if you were strumming some beautiful melody,

and I laughed when you said "Don't forget me."

How could I forget David.


Your name, two heart beats.

You say it means beloved,

but I'm afraid

you won't be loved 

by me.

Now, I, sadly sighing symphonies,

try not to live the line of regret

but I'm terrified.

When you sat on my bed and sang "Green Eyes"

tears fluttered in my gaze,

and I realized through the haze

I've since given up.

You're everything I could dream.

Tall, dark, handsome,

funny, kind, sweet.

You said you didn't mind my bad habits,

you could accept me with all my flaws,

and as every word falls from your mouth

I break.

But you take

my hands, my hands are cold,

and say they are yours to hold.

Because, you say,

before you drive away

your name is David,


and you will be loving me,

whether you are beloved by me

or not.

The End

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