This poem is about my best friend, who has passed away.


 I found your smile the other day
On the face of a stranger
As they were passing by
I tried to take a peek inside
Breathing deeply, I stopped myself then sighed.

 Later on as I sat there reading
Your laughter found its way to me
I looked about, hoping you were there
When I turned around to see
Your laugh coming from a child, wondrous and free.

  After all these days, I see you in all things
I carry the pain that sadness brings
Content in knowing it will not last
Grateful, that this grief shall pass.
I carry on, my heart untroubled

  So for now I will remember
All our myriad moments together
I feel you walking at my side
And when I see you next, your arms spread out
The gates of heaven will be open wide.

  My dearest friend and boon companion
My confidant, my greatest treasure
My protector and my lover,
I miss you.

The End

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