Darling, Not Even You Can Ride Five Horses At Once

Engraved, but the clouds still sweep across the sky
The words sit, tantalisingly close, 
Beautiful and dangerous
Oh, how your everything falls in front of me
All you stand for, all you needed from him
Lies in the mud, the dirt.

But never mind where we stand,
For your ship is sinking
And you can't fill a hole with lies
How will we get home?
You answer, my dear, I do not care
For your warmth is inviting,
And your smile is contagious.
I know you're poisonous, 
But oh, it's so sweet.
Oh, it's so sweet.

Are you for real?
You don't treat yourself right.
I won't believe you're a human,
Because you can't be real

Dying, we're dire,
You never bothered to say.

The End

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