Darling I Cannot Stay...

Poem, just random when I was Bored =)

My Darling I Cannot Stay...

He would come through wind and rain

When no one else would do the same

He would come to comfort me

When everyone else would leave me be

He told great stories of battle & war

Until he, could tell no more.


He said he would walk through fire & ice

This I thought was a bit of a sacrifice

He said that he would pray

To achieve his own way

To start a new life

With me as his wife.


One day I received a letter

After I'd read it, I didn't feel any better

He said "My Darling I Cannot Stay"

For that, he had to go away

To fight in a far away land

At this the letter fell from my hand

Now I sit in this lonely place

And I long for one day to see again his face...


It's been many years since I read that letter

At last my heart is feeling slightly better

For my lover is gone

Maybe in his next life

He will get to see the face of his son...



The End

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