Darling Autumn Fall

It's a spoken word poem I'm presenting at Open Mic tomorrow night. The theme of Open Mic is "autumn," so I decided to compare the falling autumn leaves with the falling in Love with someone.
Please, feel free to critique - I want this to be the absolute best it can be, seeing as it's my first Open Mic performance :3

Darling Autumn Fall

I think it's a mockery, that fall is such a peaceful, lovely season.

The leaves drift lazily
falling to the pavement in unstructured patterns.

The wisps of their colors reach into my soul - "Come fall with us, fall with us!" they shout, as they gracefully flee
from their tree.

I reach forward, swipe a leaf from the ground, run my fingers along its spine. One, two, three seconds - and I tear the leaf to bits, because it lies. Falling isn't an act of ease
falling is rarely caused by a breeze. Because Darling, when I fell for you, I didn't fall lovely. I fell hard
and I fell ugly.

When leaves are about to make their descent
they color themselves to show their intent
that their life on the tree has nearly been spent.

But I had no warning; I had no prelude. One moment, I was merrily me -
the next moment, all I saw was you.

And it's not fair, so I pour my heart into poetry that doesn't rightly rhyme, and I
cry at every song that reminds me of you...every single time.

I wish I was simply another leaf in the wind, paraded around on the wings of the air, but instead, I am Cassie-falling-in-love-with-you, kicked around by the knowledge that when you see me, you don't see my brilliant colors or my fall into madness;
all you see is just my physical presence, the
tangible manifestation of my existence.

So I fall there, clumsily
and I pick myself up, grumpily
but then when you see me, everything I do is suddenly done

So I guess this is me, predicting that if you don't get out of my life soon, I will be like an autumn leaf, only the fall won't be pretty. Please, I'm begging you, get out of my life soon, because otherwise...

I might have to fall in love with you.

The End

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