The darkness tells no lies,

It hides well your disguise--

It sees all you have done,

It knows where you have gone.


To hide from the dark is hard,

It keeps your secrets like a shard

Of broken promises and loss of power,

That you let the world devour.


The light can never shine,

Where darkness really can dine,

Your face is a mask

Of your ill forgotten task.


This black hole you have found,

Can push you to the ground,

To search for something real,

That can teach you how to feel.


But can we really trust,

The darkness from the past,

And can we really long,

For something that's so strong?


The shadows have come near,

They show all that you fear,

But can you really fight

The bleakness of this night?


So you bow your head down low,

You let the cold tears flow,

You hold your knees up high,

And let your emotions fly,

The darkness comes close,

You will get a heavy dose,

Of reality ever so slow.


Close your eyes,

The night is your disguise.

The End

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