Darkness Unites

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago about a magical battle that went on in my head. I was big into rhyming back then! Lol!

The powers of the dark will soon unite

Under the rays of the full moonlight

During the witching hour at midnight,

They will come and they will fight.


We will fight to a bitter end.

They are a fiend not a friend

And my sword I will lend

Remember this is not pretend


Witches and warlocks casting spells

Things die and rotten flesh smells.

All you will hear are knelling bells

From the mouth of Hell where demons wells.


I guarantee they won’t be kind,

But do not get left behind.

The deepest shadow you can find

Is in the shadow of the mind!


Do not dare scream of cry,

This will only help you die.

When wings flap, look to the sky

And beware of monsters that can fly.


Vampires scowling,

Trolls crashing,

Werewolves growling,

Mermaids splashing,

Phantoms howling,

Dragons lashing,

Shadows prowling,

Swords clashing


Less will be the creatures’ ire

And after a while they will retire.

Back they will go to their place in the fire,

Returning to their evil Sire.


Come back, they will, again to fight

Humans gaping at their might

The lucky few will die of fright,

While the world will fade to eternal night.


The Wizard true, powerful and brave

Willnotcome to try to save

In his heart he is a slave

To the hurt and a powerful rage


Joining with the evil king

The bells of doom they will ring

On everyone and everything

Soaring high on mighty wing


Free forever from his cage

Trapped by strife, grief and rage

Here starts the New Dark Age

The story turns its final page.

The End

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