Darkness of Serenity

It's bright but almost dark outside,

The fervent sea has not one tide.

Shallow ripples and the glowing shine,

Only an angel can make the world so fine.

Silent whispers have broken the still, serene night,

If only,

If only I could stop the passing time.


In other places that have rivers and streams,

The sparkle of the waters before me are not as they seem.

The glowing sphere far from my reach is  like a radiant beam,

Which is not so strong and not so extreme.


Keeping the people out of their woes and stress,

There's only one thing to do and it's not to impress.

Staying as quiet as can be,

The chains of prison around my hands are full of greed,

A glowing light, enlightened you and me,

It's not so satisfying not having to be free. 

The End

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