Darkness Falls

I tried to give this more structure :3 Always feel like Dr Seuss though.

That September I saw her there

Wouldn’t really matter if she cared

That lass with the long flowing hair

And If I dared she would avoid me

Say a few lines, “I love you” if only.


Darkness falls upon her face so fair

And through cunning words I enter her lair

Like a madman in black

The trees like cataracts

Hiding the moon in its erotic disorder


A voice resounds

Beauty in her long red dress

One I never found

A last caress to the belle of mess

Indoctrinating them to her orders, solider!


Black goddess of the maiden voyage of my heart

Never to part, lest a nightwish comes to steal our thoughts

And to her I screamed

“I don’t know who you be

But I was born to love you like the stars upon the stormy seas!”


She comes to me in velvet

Lines her perfumed fingers across my brow

And so it forever lingers, always smelled it

But for her, this was foreplay and she wanted to hunt me down

Brown hair mistaken for black

In her eyes I see no turning back


Within manias I am sustaining the game

Her voice making me feel lame

To the sword she presses in me

Oh sweet misery


Falling to the ground blood pitter patter

A smattering of bloody love,

Me turns to we

Broken upon the sword of submission


Oh how I wish I could be who I was

The night falls away to break onto dawn, oh how I longed

To be with her as I am now impaled on her sword

Now my screams resound like a raven perched on a cord!


Together with my love forevermore.

The End

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