Darkness and Light

The darkness overwhelms others

It cradles me like a child with its mother

It makes me calm, cool, collected

Darkness reminds me of the ocean

It is deep and calming

Never will it be unjust to me


The darkness represents my soul—

Dark, mysterious…sometimes frightening

Always and forever will darkness be my savior

Darkness penetrates the light

It makes the moon and the night

Without it, there’d be nothing but sun

And with just that…the solar system would have won

And Earth would come crashing down into

The sun’s forever-burning embers…


Though if we did not have light to go with the


It’d be like evil with no good to balance it out

It’d be like flooding…with no drought

No matter how great darkness may be…

You always need the light…

You need the light to see

The End

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