A brief poem warning about the consequences of walking alone at night.

A rash of lazy stars glimmer above

These cold and quite lonely lands

With a bleached skull satellite peering down

I begin to walk over the sands

These sands that extend before me and past

Loose grains catching at my feet

Each trying their best to pull me below

To where the dark is complete.


Suddenly, I find, I can't pull myself free

The sand now set like a stone

And now I'm regretting my foolish desire

To walk on this beach here alone

It was safe here, I remembered, during the day

When the sea was both remote and calm

But now that it's dark and the waters are close

I'm beginning to feel quite alarmed.


Like a granular snake, it's swallowing me whole

I'm cold but I'm covered in sweat

And the waters are rising and I still can't break free

And the beach is deserted but yet

I'm now feeling resigned to what surely must come

With my arms both now clutched to me tight

So I'm closing my eyes, for this very last time

And giving myself back to the night.

The End

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