Look inside yourself,
Who are you?
Don’t fight the feeling,
Just let me through.

Who am I, you ask?
What a common request,
It’s difficult to explain,
But I will do my best.

I have many a name,
Though accurate are few,
I am widely feared,
Yet worshipped too.

You don’t understand?
Don’t you remember your life?
You were so cruelly struck,
By someone with a knife.

You became unconscious,
As you are now,
And I am here before you,
To complete my vow.

Relax my friend,
No need to be bold,
Give in to my power,
Let me take hold.

I answered your plea,
Your pain was severe,
You cried for help,
That is why I am here.

I can take you away,
Your time is near,
You must come with me,
Your path is clear.

Your mind is weak,
You mustn’t fight,
You must stop and realise,
There is no light.

Give in to me,
Let me fulfil my role,
For I am the darkness,
And I have come for your soul.

The End

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