Darken Days/The End

Many days have past, I think,

Though I can't be sure,

For, while I'm hanging on the brink,

Of death's peaceful shore,

My body has gone numb,

And so has my mind,

So I don't know the date or time.

I don't care anyways,

I just don't wanna leave,

because I hate school days,

And I just wanna be, Alone in the dark and to myself

Rereading all the books on my shelf,


The rain cries with me,

It also shares my pain,

Its clouds blot out memories,

And washes away the stain, Of my blood on my clothes,

Its not much,

Just a smear from my touch,

Television helps me remember how to speak,

How to laugh and how to smile,

It reteaches me how to eat,

But, I've given up, I wanna die,

Tonight I'll commit suicide.

Yeah, I'm done,

I've had enough.

The Gun I found,

That's my way out,

I'm no longer bound,

by love or anything about,

I'm finally done,

This is the End,

I'm happy I don't have any friends...

They would have stopped me.


                                                                      By Seth Silver Sommers/ Jinxx...

The End

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