Dark Words of Wisdom

A broken heart will either mend itself or kill you
Love, lust and greed are at the heart of all that people do.
Suicide is a gateway to a place you don’t want to go
A smart person never lets their hurts show.

Sex is good when done with commitment and care
Those at rock bottom are the most beautiful and fair.
Money is needed but gives no last happiness
Lies leave casualties, they always make a mess.

Dreams will haunt when ignored or cast aside
You can run from your regrets but you can’t hide.
Hopes disappoint and love has its limits, never forget
Women love a man who listens to them when they’re upset.

Death takes those who are least deserving of it
If you provoke and taunt a tiger you will get bit
Whispers from within should always be heeded
The worst weather comes when it is least needed.

Look to your past for answers for your life today
Lives are wasted on too much work and not enough play
The most evil person still has a soul, and remember
No one ever makes pain or consequences a goal.

The sweetest words spoken are usually a lie
Do not mock those who weep and cry
Think about tomorrow and enjoy today
Scars on a virgin heart never really go away

There are no fresh starts or do overs, so be wise
Know that everyone wears some kind of disguise.
Learn to live with loss and emptiness
Discern which things to hide and which to confess.

Words are what will scar you beyond repair
Sometimes it’s best simply not to care
Luck comes to those who do not seek it
When you reap what you’ve sown don’t throw a fit

Sometimes darkness can be blessing
Make sure you’re sorry for what you’re confessing
Life’s not good and it never will be.

Broken hearts can’t be fixed or totally healed
Be self-sufficient or your fate is sealed
Let go of memories and learn to burn old bridges
A wise man listens to law men with badges.

Great expectations will yield great disappointments
Use herbal tea, not booze as a heartbreak ointment
Accept those memories that you can’t erase, 
And don’t run from you hurts, even pain has its place.

The End

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