Dark Seduction

Poem on death and sex

She sits there waiting—
la Mere de Noir—
For me to give up,
Succumb to her desires.
She baits me,
Offering that which
I cannot accept,
Not for her price.
The dark pools of her
Eyes call to me,
The soft feminine hand
Beckoning me closer
To the alabaster skin
Which promises
Everything I want, and
So much more.
Many men have stumbled,
Turned away from her
Out of the fear of the
But that is what she offers,
This tantalizing seductress,
A way to discover
What lies on the other side.
Eventually they all
Submit, either because
All will was lost, or were
Seduced by her cunning attractions.
I turn to this dark
Fantasy, wanting nothing more than
To have her smother me,
Bring me
To where nightmares are born,
Fear thrives,
The place where her cool darkness pierces all.
Torn between flight and free-falling,
I let myself dive into her, give myself over to the
Dark seduction.

The End

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