Dark Night

Try to pull out the significance of this poem :)

The darkness arrives,

The sky desecrates,

The world becomes nothing,

And your heart is left hoping.


Death comes a knocking,

Tears stream a coming,

Loss is everywhere,

All you can do is stare.


Powerless to other emotions,

No strength, no devotion,

A child cries from afar,

While your mind tries to raise the bar.


Dark images of sadness,

Impossible sights of hopelessness,

Why does the child cry?

Why does this not look like a lie?


Heart beats faster,

Fear is here to banter,

You clutch for it to end,

You wish you had a hand someone could lend.


Alone, is how you deal,

Whether you think it is real,

Whether you think it is momentary,

The effect has been dealt, and it is scary.


You are gone,

It has all been done,

Why so afraid?

Your head is laid.


The darkness engulfs you,

And your heart is dark with rue,

Sudden light brightens your eyes,

And this is where you see the lies.


Nightmares fill your skies,

Darkness eats your minds,

Fears come alive,

Is this a nightmare or is this real life?

The End

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