Dark Lullaby

About being taken in by a force you can barely understand, a force that has taken others before you, simultaneously terrifying and lulling. Inspired yet again by the Slender Man.

Moonlit frost

Cradles the land

It paints my face

A numb white mask

Memories lost

Fading to gray

To abandoned places

Shunned by day.


On broken playgrounds

Where lost ones played

I still hear their laughter

As they were led away.

The birds have been silenced

Along with my voice

Not by violence

I was given a choice.


By a spidery phantom

Ancient, malign

Null and unnatural

But for which we pined

He steals through the daylight

Not restricted to night

He's searching for something

With sick, soothing vibes.


At the edge of the woods

Where animals hang

From the branches, untouched

By claw or by fang

The mist tries to borrow

an enemy's face

Elation and sorrow

A demonic embrace.


Born from our longing

For monsters revived

From deepening shadows

Where echoes confide

Terrible, transient, present but faint

Look long and hard

And you'll see its taint.


Elegant lunacy

Comes to my side

Too weak to withstand

This dark lullaby

Skeletal fingers

Draw down my spine

And I hear him whisper,

You'll always be mine.





The End

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