Dark Hearts of Angels

Its about how our darkest nature and instincts can lead us to commit horrors for silly reasons

Deep in the hearts of lions/

Desert storms kicking up the dust from missile strikes/

Scatter the ashes to the four winds/

Scorching the earth for all their sins


Hatred stirs in ruin and tragedy/

Burning fire stirring in a wind of travesty/

And revenge comes to the surface/

Whispers in the dark becoming reality


Along the plains of the west/

Guardians cast their stares southwards/

Looking amongst their own/

Messengers of death amongst their own/

A new force dawning/

Without flags, faces or borders


Living without law/

Rising up like never before/

Dying for the same god/

Watching the world/

Becoming shredded and torn


Heavy heartbeats and electric release/

Approaching from the ocean’s shadows/

Bullets flying and blood on the streets

Done once before, but needing more/

And soon the world will be on its knees


And when it’s done/

Gods appeased under the setting sun/

Dark angels laying waste and scorching earth/

Dark messages delivered with bullets from a gun

The End

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