Dark Hands

Dark hands squeeze upon my heart.

The beats struggle against searing fingers wrapped around.


No intrusions for a breath.


In my ear, whispers of doubt, fears, lies and perhaps unknown truths.

They echo in the sound of your cavernous apparent absence.

Dishonesty, hidden motives, paranoia.

Expect the worse.

"She's playing with you, she wants you to suffer, she's talking to someone else, she'll never care for you, she never cares..."

"There's nothing you can do..."

Shards of light trickle, but only as thinly as the disappearing rains of summer. Their words of strength and heart dry in the valley seared by your disappearance.

A deep lake grows barren, and your rains are sparse. For a city that sleeps, there is very little sleeping. Sleepless nights under sundered stars...

But I still reside, waiting for your downpour and the high tide.


The End

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