Daring Imperfection

Ever feel like giving up?

That everything you lost picked you apart?

Do you know what it’s like to want to surrender?

Your failures eat away

Devouring you in every way possible

You’re drowning in imperfection

I know what’s happening

Missing every touch that brought you to life

But when it’s gone; it was a waste of time

Slipping through every crack as your bones turn to sand

You’re alone screaming in the abyss

But I want you to listen

Can you hear me?


Dare yourself to believe you’ll be the one to survive

I dare you to smile everyday

I dare you to never be disappointed in anything

Including yourself

Don’t let anyone, even me, tell you different from your dreams

Shattered hopes and paths

They stick to your skin like annoying needles

Every wanting to break your spirit

Seems like it’s been forever that someone cared

But trust me, you can if you dare to be your perfect self

The End

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