Dare To Regret

Have you ever been in that situation where your out of control of your own destiny?
Where you want to go back to a moment and erase all events?
This is one of those poems dedicated to one of those situations. Except now I am trying to make light of it.

Typically, the prime mover, you lunged,

And like whizzing meteors we collided,

My naivety hided,

You opened a new door,

My heart swelled my mind soared,

Every glug of the moment I never regretted,

I thought what had just happened would transform to something special,

You mislead me.

Did you take?

Did you know what you were doing?

"Jail bait."

I know, I know,

Peoples limbs jumped whilst the beats pumped,

In my lens I was only focussed on you,

We were enraptured in our own dizzying ride,

That night my innocence melted,

Snatched moments snatched forever in a neon soaked room.

The young one spied from a birds eye view,

Oh hunny, where were you?


We had fun,

Danger sparked,

I dwelled with all my heart,

I seeked to relive,

I wished to never wake up,

Pathetic phallacy- good morning


The End

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