Dangerous AddictionMature

Poem about sex

This dangerous addiction,

drives me further every day,

pushing against every inch of me,

faster and harder,

until I cannot lie about the feeling.

My entire mind is reeling,

And I cannot understand why.

moments of stop,

of acting the ‘right way,’

are never taken,

and every time the chance to escape

just floats away.

A moment of lust conquers years of pain,

it is so wrong,

but the feeling is undeniable.

This dangerous addiction,

is a stallion I cannot tame,

and when I jump upon saddle sack,

I can never stay on,

I am always thrown back.

Pushed back,

and made to stay,

just a day longer.

The feeling,

is inescapable,

and each breath,

grows hotter,

and heavier…

Each time becomes part of a bigger obsession.


This dangerous addiction,

gives me less and less restrictions,

until my sins are my conviction,

I will push back just as hard as I am hit.

The End

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