Dandelion Wishes

If I had a perfect puffy white dandelion I would wish for happiness.
I would wish for freedom from these fractured bones,
The ones that weren't broken by sticks and stones, you know the kind.
I would wish for self-confidence, and grace, and pride but also humility.
I would wish to accept the compliments I recieve
And to retrieve the love that's thrown my way
And to get in touch with the heart that's pounding under the floorboards–
It's mine, you know.
I would wish to care less and care more, to fix what I can and ignore the
And to see more than the misery and pain of the world,
To see the painters and singers dancing in some magical cityscape or
I would wish to hold close who is dear and to reject who shouldn't be 
With all my strength and spirit. 
I would wish for rainbows in the sky to show that the world is my friend. 
I would wish for hot tea and warm sheets and a cozy kind of rain 
And independence from the painstaking efforts of the pain-makers. 
I would wish. 
I wish. 

The End

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