This is not normal

Most poems are nice ones,
all fluffy, crazy and cute,
some just are evil,
but not the real kind,
you can just find them,
the evil you expect to find,
but what most people know,
and what most people read,
are totally different.

The evil you find in stories,
its a tame kind of thing,
evil villains,
and rather strange things,
you look at them and think,
evil, it just comes to mind,
but if you look at life,
you find its not evil at all,
they have all the plots,
and their nefarious schemes,
they look so professional,
just like they would in your dreams.

But take them into the real world,
just look,
you shall find,
they wouldn't survive a minute,
in some back alley streets,
you would find them dead,
or at least in a state.

So next time you look at a story,
take delight,
it’s not real.

Reading has ruined my innocence,
but losing that has opened my eyes.  

The End

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