Dancing with the reaper

Just a poem, i made it up i english when i was bored

Dancing with the reaper,
playing in the fire,
finding all my friends,
finding them as liars,
looking for a future,
finding I have none,
dancing with the reaper,
fighting for the sun.

Killing of the evil,
those bad things in the world,
looking for a hope,
no matter how small,
dancing with the reaper,
ready to fall.

Hoping for the future,
looking for the pain,
finding all those things that have gone astray,
looking for death,
when the reaper won’t let me go,
dancing with the reaper,
life without a soul.

hoping for the best,
looking in the dreams,
thinking that nothing,
will ever be the same,
but then I find it,
in the dreams of a child,
hoping for the future,
hoping for the world,
wishing away the hurt,
tat she shouldn’t feel,
looking for the reaper,
among what is real.

She has found the reaper,
they call it hope,
you never wondered,
why was it was there,
it is an evil thing,
just look at the world,
see what it has done to us,
all those things that shouldn’t be,
hoping for a future,
you never have,
the hope that they gave us,
the one in the box,
it is a bad thing,
even if unorthodox,
it is the false hope,
the thing we don’t need,
the true form of hope,
is you.

That is why for the whole of life,
you dance with the reaper

The End

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