Dancing GhostsMature

i used to dance...but when you lose your only muse, continuing something that requires a determined passion without the fuel....well it isn't easy.
for the first time in nearly five years, i danced like he was there with me- this is what i felt.

I lost you, my muse, a long time ago,

but today I danced-

like really, really, danced- like I used to when you were alive.

Like when you said that I was the most beautiful thing nature had the arrogance to create,

I danced like back when you, faithfully, said that the birds sang their songs just so I could fly on human feet- just so I could fly without wings.

You used to say you could feel the universe falling in love with my movements as I moved among the rooftop's gardens,

and that you could see the wind begging to lift me up to the angels above.

So I danced like I used to when you were dancing with me,

in time and perfectly perfect in a way I could never be,

danced until I could feel you there,there with me.

And that, that scared me more than anything because if you're here with me,

then I can't help but feel that with every breath I take, with every fucking lungful of air that I breathe

that I'm disappointing you beyond belief and it scares me-

God, it fucking scares me.

For every night that I dance with you in my dreams-

my mind's tricks can't numb this ache in my feet,

this ache to move to the beat of a heart's song that's ceased.

I danced today,

for the first time in six fucking years,

and I swear you were there,watching,

Feeling, as the universe fell in love all over again.

The End

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