Dance With Me

Every night I sleep alone,

If you could call that sleeping.

First I flounce around like a flopping fish,

Attempting to gain comfort in the oddest positions.

Then I shut my eyes and wait for sleep,

Most of the time I stare at the otherside of my eyelids,

They’re actually quite pretty you know.

Finally I fall asleep,

My body free in slumber,

Yet trapped and defenseless.

I flail about,

Unable to control my movements,

In my dream we’re dancing,

Your arms and smiles keeping me warm,

We have fun together,

You know the perfect things to say,

Our bodies glide across the ballroom,

Out the doors to the veranda,

Whispered words rush past my ear as you lean down,

Your lips nearly touching my skin,

Suddenly a gust of wind pushes them away from my mind,

I struggle in vain to understand what you meant,

I wake to a text message,

Good Morning Cutie, How you doin’?

The End

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