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Written this morning, just random rambling? Trying to sort out various thoughts going through my mind. I wrote this before talking to the person involved though.


I look in the mirror

and realised that you lied last night

because the truth doesn't have

this look, this skin,

this stature and this look,

It's a story to take back home,

I can feel you making my day already,

I can feel you slipping away,

You were never in my grasp


One night and one time

and I wore black

and you touched me

and now it's over,

Back to block, back to black,

Back to my hometown -

We will never return,

Take your voice and stage presence

and get out of my goddamn nation,

get off this constellation,

Burn me out lest I remember how to breathe

and move your hand from my waist,

sooner rather than later

because tequila was never my friend

and I despise you for what it's doing to me,

A clear head was never going to be a good idea,

Not when you are involved.

Closer and closer and



Get the f*** away

from me,

Take your voice from my ear,

Your mouth from over mine,

Take back your words,

We cannot afford the repairs.

I don't want to leave but

I cannot believe that

it could ever be right to hold your body close to mine,

I'm out of practise,

I'm out of time,

Spin me round, pull me close,

make me lose my mind,

All I feel is you

and all I taste is you

and all I hear is

your voice in my ear

telling me things that are not true and I do not want to see.

My mirror does not lie

and your only purpose was to rhyme.

Give my country a reason to compete

against you,

So I cannot recompense you

until you admit this was never meant to

be the one time that I saw straight through

someone's intentions and allowed them nothing

in return.

You were a blip in time,

A moment that will never be relived,

A face that will not be forgotten

with a voice that could wake me after a thousand years ten thousand miles from home,

And I do beg of you

not to forsake

the last time I have felt alive in more than eighteen months

and to allow me to tell myself

that I do not care for you in the slightest

for that reason alone,

It's reason enough to remain alone.


The End

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