Two people move together, in sync, as one rhythmic duo.

Stretch out your hand,

Let me clasp it in mine,

And slowly,

I bring you in to me.

Each movement exact,

But loose, free,

Flowing lines,

From moving limb to moving limb.

We writhe in the moonlight,

Across the floor,

Driven by the beat,

The music which leads our dance.

With each step I feel you,

Close to me,

Drawn to me,

Then pulled away by the beat once more.

Sweat drips down our skin,

Mingling in sweetness,

The tears of our endeavour,

Collecting on us like water.

And I remember that look,

As I spin you in to me,

Where the whole world stopped and stared,

At your feverish, dark eyes.

The music goes on,

As does the dance,

This constant movement,

Enslaved to the tune.

My heart matches the beat,

Is driving me,

Giving me a rhythm,

That drives this dance across the well worn floor.


The End

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