I haven't written a poem in a LONG time so I thought I would try it again. I wanted to write something about how I feel when I am preforming a dance because it is something I am passionate about and it is something I love to do!

This feeling is just so flawless 

This feeling is so exciting.

To stand so high upon a stage 

and smile at them who are watching. 

Oh, i know this dance by heart, 

have practiced countless times. 

This one is part of me, 

it is what I cherish. 

When I dance I know that God is there. 

and I know that he is watching me. 

Deep breathes I take 

and let Him guide me along the way. 

This is the moment I love the most, 

When I forget all the other stress 

and all the tension goes away. 

I let it out and dance with my heart 

and I even smile as I do. 

Thank you God for this moment 

and thank you for the Grace. 

When I fall I'll get back up 

and smile as I do! 

The End

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