Damned Place

I’m staring at you

And the life

I used to live

The one

Full of happiness




And I can’t help but notice

Just how distant I am from it now

Just how far away I’ve come

And left you there

‘Cause you’re all still there

In your happy place

While I’m stuck here

In my damned place

Stuck where it hurts

But you’re still there

And you just haven’t noticed


That I’m not

That I’m over here

In the dark


Watching you

In the light

And how it hurts

Because you’ve not yet noticed

How I’m gone

How I’ve been taken away

And oh I wish you would

Because I miss you

I really do

I miss the laughs

And the smiles

And the giggles

Because this world

The world where I am now

All it’s got is tears


So I’m staring at you

Your happy laughing face

And the tears overrun again

Because you still haven’t noticed

That I’m gone

The End

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