Damned Either Way

I’m sorry but I had another break down
I thought everything was going well
even smiled for a while
I heard she wanted to hang out
my heart skipped a beat
I swore it was too good to be true
turns out I was right
That old saying come back to me
there is no romance in alcohol
along with the other men
whose eyes trail her body
I wonder what have I got myself into

I am not worth the hassle, I’m useless to you
I wanted to be happy for once, even pretend
but it is a permanent state of mind
that I can’t escape even if I tried
No matter how much I sleep
I only remember the things I dread
like worrying if I ruin everything for us

I’m sorry but I had another set-back
There is nothing wrong with me
I am so sick of being self-indulgent
but she is insisted that I try
I don’t want our first memory
to be a blur of a sad night
I am damned if I go
I am damned if I stay

The End

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