Daisy Chain

A daisy chain crowned her head, giving her light hair an intoxicating fragrance.
Her wrists were wrapped in ribbons,
Her bare feet covered in dirt.
She was a wild child, living her days in the trees, her nights in moonlit caves.
She was a mystery to men,
Then one day he found her.
He was barely alive, his heart was weak.
She wanted to know him, to help him,
But she did not know to.
She knew that he needed love, but he was so secluded in his thoughts,
She was lost in how to give him the right kind of love.
He soon began to know her, and she knowing him in return.
He was still in need of love, and she was still lost.
After a while, he began to trust again, he opened up his heart to her.
She was insanely happy, and gave him all the love he needed and craved.
He soon began to love her as much as she loved him,
And he also gave her so much love.
Now, seven months later, he's sitting in a patch of daisies,
Making her a daisy chain.

The End

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