Daily Thoughts

Thoughts I think about that happen around the world everyday, like hunger, the less fortunate, rape, murder, bullying and suicide.

Working out the bad days

Never knowing how my soul strays

I’m dying out from all this love, this hate

Nobody will know where the corpse lays

Everything is drowning now-a-days so how can I collaborate?

I'm not what is above the skin

My blood will begin to thin

Every single despicable action and word feels like a beating

Everyone’s heart become cold and hard as tin

And the hate and mistreating is heating

I’ve tried to stay tough

Trying to forgetting everything but the world is stone rough

Damn, I’ve tried so hard

Everything is filled with all the fake stuff

It’s like a poker game and it’s only the joker card

I now know that everything is never easy

What they say drives me away from what I believe

These tables ain’t ever gonna turn

Here’s just how we all think: “they’re targeting me”

It’s the thoughts we give ourselves that the most will burn

Goodbye to my sanity as it leaves my mind

Can no one in this world ever be kind?

This loathing is too much the world could swallow

The clocks tick away our live so you can’t twist and wind

We who know the suffer, know that someone here has no tomorrow

The End

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