Daily Dictum

I see beauty in everyone, even the worst of people have a story and a struggle that brought them to where they are today.

You don’t know how it hurts

I’m no good, I’ve hit the dirt

Its rock bottom but I’m underground

In this spell I am bound

Wave a wand to make things better

It’s in little white sweaters

If only it worked

There are no perks

To this life I live

In agony

I’ve been anxiously

Awaiting a time when life’s good

So finally I could

Feel gladness

Get out of this sadness

The blackness that surrounds me

Your negativity


You don’t know how I feel

I’m no good, I’m not real

You’re the Barbie with her Ken

You’re doing it again

Telling me who I am and who I’m not

Convincing me that I’m who you’ve sought

Out to be the victim

But now my dictum

Is that you’re wrong

There’s no one who’s not perfect

Or worth it

On Earth it’s

No one’s time

Everyone’s fine

That’s how it should go

So when will you know

That we are all beautiful

The End

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