Daggers and Everything I'd Never Say

A style and emotion I thought I'd try writing - not really my typical style.



if i saw the man who hurt you,

i’d make him regret it on the spot;

you wouldn’t even need to

dirty your hands


you should know,

i fear general anesthesia more than the dc metro,

airplane nosedives more than terrorist


and ignorance more than corpses lined

in powered sugar and embalming fluid,

lying across rows and rows of


i fear failure more than

death, reality more than

the first horror movie i ever saw


you do not know that i dream of muddled realities and

outright fantasylands instead of people i am expected to

love one day,

of the british empire and ancient viking ships through

choppy seas, sky threatening to consume me,

as it knows that i am smaller than i know

i am,

and what do you know? of me,


i am the stranger;

you don’t even know the

town i live in;

you don’t know where i was born;

i know your birthday but

you don’t know mine

you don’t know


The End

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