Daddy's Little Tortured Soul

Why has this happened, to me?

Why has this happened to the world, why now, why must no one ever see?

I'm hurting, I'm hurting so much.

I wish I had a father, who would hold me, and tell me that I had his love.

He would be there for me, and not ever let me fall.

He would be there on my birthdays, he would make me smile, he'd make me feel tall.

He'd be a light, to my darkness.  He'd make me happy, when I'm lost.

But that's just a fantasy.

A twisted, dark fantasy, that will forever torment me.

Why do I paint in my mind a man of gold,

When the one I have is made of coal.

He did things to me,

That a little girl should never have to deal with.

A little girl shouldn't be crying on her birthday.

Shouldn't not see her father, on every holiday.

But she most of all shouldn't . . . 

Have lost her innocence.  

The End

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