Daddy's Little Girl

The story of a little girl's experiences after her mother passes away (warning - not for everyone - carries abuse)

Listen! Can you hear
The silent plea for help
As silver tears glisten
In the moonlight

Daddy's little girl
Hides in her room
Daddy's come home
Drunk again

She hides behind
The pillows on her bed
Wishing herself away;
Anywhere but here

A beam of light
Announces daddy's appearance
His presence looming
As he holds the door ajar

Daddy's little girl
Has taken mummy's place
Since mummy ran away
Leaving her behind

Daddy's little girl
Suffers in silence
The joy she once knew

Daddy's eyes glaze over
With a maddening lust
As the monster inside
Takes over, takes control

Daddy's little girl
Tries to put up a fight
Tries to fight him off
But terror paralyzes her

Daddy belts and daddy hollars
Taking her as he pleases
Daddy blames her
For mummy leaving

Daddy's little girl
Begs for forgiveness
But daddy doesn't listen
The monster has control

Daddy's little girl
Feels his hands
Around her throat
Cutting off her words

Daddy's little girl
Struggles to breathe
As darkness begins
To consume her

Daddy doesn't know
His own strength
As the monster inside
Murders daddy's little girl

The End

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