Mommy grabs my hand,

And pushes though the doors,

She mumbles under her breath,

A word a may not repeat.

We come to guards,

They motion

Mommy into a large door frame made of mantel.

They do the same for me.

Go on, sweetheart.

He said kindly,

Put his hand on my white shoulder.

I walked though,

Trying not to scream.

I walked thourgh,

No beep.

Mommy’s hand recharged for mine, I gladly took it.

Right as Daddy walked behind us.

Hello Linda, Hi angel.

He grabbed me from

My mother,

And picked me up in a big bear hug.

I smiled and hugged him back.

He was a tall man,

With soft blonde curls,

Like mine.

John, drop MY daughter.

Mommy snapped,

ripping me from Daddy.

The End

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