Daddys GirlMature

Macy is only a child when her parnets spilt. She lerns the everything in court. Everything that happend that night. She has hered the storys about her Daddy, but she can't belive them.

Or will she have too..

I have always known,

My Daddy would call.

He would save me from this hell hole,

Take me away,

Call me Princess like all the other girls Daddies.

That never happened,

Or I think it didn’t.

Why would

I be standing here

With Mommy’s stern hand holding my right,

Daddy waving to me by the fountain.

I studying the Court House.

Mommy beings to pulling me,

Into the large building.

I look back and see Daddy embracing a women.

“Mommy, who is she?”

The End

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