Daddy LeftMature

Mommy said that,
When Daddy left,
It was because he was sad.
I didn't know that sadness could send somebody away,
But when Daddy left, 
I knew he wouldn't be back,
Not for a long long time.
I asked Mommy if it was my fault,
Because sometimes I didn't want to go to bed on time,
And sometimes I forgot to tell Daddy I loved him in the mornings.
She told me it wasn't anyone's fault, 
But I didn't believe her.
I told her that I was feeling sad,
Like Daddy,
But she just told me that Daddy's sadness was for adults only.
I tried telling her that I wanted to go find Daddy,
Because I knew if I didn't,
He wouldn't be back for a long long time.
But she told me that I wouldn't find him,
But I didn't believe her.
I had seen Daddy take a lot of pills before, 
And I knew that maybe if I did too,
Then I'd go where he went, 
And I'd find him,
And tell him I love him So he wouldn't be so sad.
So I took a lot of pills,
Just like Daddy,
And when Mommy found me,
I heard her crying and saying that Daddy did this to me,
And I wanted to say that it wasn't anybody's fault, 
But I knew that I couldn't.
And when I found Daddy,
He hugged me, 
And now me and Daddy are waiting for Mommy,
Because now she's sad, 
Just like Dad.

The End

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